We asked Endel how they became the Apple Watch app of the year. Here’s what they said.

Behind every success story, there is always a crowd of people wondering, «how did they do it?». In this issue, we’d like to get to the bottom of it.

We’re sitting down with Slava Dubovitsky — lead developer of Endel, Apple Watch app of the year in 2020. Endel generates custom audio and video patterns based on users’ environment to promote focus, relaxation, or all-around positive energy.

The app made it big, but the road to success was bumpy — the team hit…

Ever wondered how to build a design team within your startup? Here’s our go-to structure for the pre-seed, seed, and round A/B/C startups.

All startups might be different, but their design process is usually pretty similar. Take a look at accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups, and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: design thinking.

This design process can be broken down into five stages:

  1. Empathize,
  2. Define,
  3. Ideate,
  4. Prototype,
  5. Test.

And to understand how the design team should look, we need to know what team can cover all the stages mentioned above.

  1. Empathize — understand…

In the age of ever-growing competition and rapid technology development, getting an idea from conception to market at lightning speed has never been so important. Cue plugins and automations — the tools and resources that have the potential to supercharge the design process.

At Humbleteam, we prioritize efficiency and always ensure the design team’s got the best tools and resources to produce the best results in record time.

Today we’re sharing our gems. I asked our top designers to go through their workflow and pick the most useful plugins and tools that allow the team to accelerate at cosmic speed…

What does it mean to work at Google? Discover how competition, recruitment, and mental health are approached inside one of the world’s most renowned companies.

We had a chance to sit down for a (virtual) chat with Larysa Aharkava, a team lead who’s been with Google for more than ten years. Larysa started in a junior position, and now she’s leading a tech team of seven people focused on internal data processing.

Google is possibly the best place to work globally and was voted the most attractive employer in multiple categories.

Voice UI is this year’s buzz. Why? Because text is not enough, video is too much, and audio hits the sweet spot.

We’ve heard about how voice interfaces are set to transform our daily lives for a while now. But for those of us who find themselves sceptical of Siri or annoyed with their Alexa, it’s kind of hard to believe.

What are the voice interfaces everyone’s talking about, and are they really worth the buzz?

While Gen Z might be ready to embrace voice commands, my generation is used to old-fashioned typing — a habit that will be hard to shift. But however cynical I’ve been in the past, it’s impossible to ignore the…

What does it take to build a perfect landing page?

At Humbleteam, we built all kinds of landing pages. We helped aspiring startups and partnered with scaled-up businesses that spend $100K on Facebook ads weekly. Based on successful examples, we developed a framework for universal landing design.

When you know how to approach the process, you’ll find it works with scientific accuracy. So let’s get you up to speed.

What “converting” actually means

What’s the difference between a landing page that converts and the one that doesn’t? Any landing page that generates profit, not just expenses, follows three simple criteria. See if you can tick all of them. …

I recently got the chance to talk with an insider from the VC world about hot topics like success factors for a startup, great pitch deck examples and investment opportunities after COVID 19, and of course, I’m gonna share all these secrets with you 👋

Two ways COVID-19 has changed venture capital

It’ll be harder to get investments in 2021. The pandemic has ground the VC machine to a halt. A lot of funds are pretending to be still active, but it’s only halfway true — many VCs are reallocating money to support their portfolio companies and are extremely cautious about investing in new ventures.

But it’s…

Life would be great if landing a Series A investment guaranteed endless growth.

But as every entrepreneur who’s reached this milestone will tell you, getting funded ensures one thing above all else: an increased pressure to grow, not a certainty of it.

The steps you take after you’ve secured the financial resources can either lead you to the desired exponential growth… or to a slow and painful business death.

Today, we’re going to look into why some of the well-backed startups haven’t achieved the growth they and their investors were hoping for — and how you can avoid making the same mistakes they did.

How we got the data

Well, we asked for it. Having worked with dozens…

Picture this. You’ve carefully conducted market research and strategically invested your company’s into targeted advertising. And now, after all that hard work, your perfect customer has landed on your website.

You know they need your product, and you know it’s a perfect fit for them. They click around the home page. Boom. Nothing. Want to see why the conversion didn’t happen?

We did our research on that. At Humbleteam, we analyzed over 80 landing pages in 2020 to find out what works — and what doesn’t. …

Testing product ideas can’t be rushed, mostly because methods like user interviews and customer journey maps are time-consuming (as hell). But that doesn’t mean the process can’t be more efficient. I’m about to show you a strategy that will get you generating ideas faster, in 5 easy steps.

Improved customer journey map — a shortcut

Let’s use an example to illustrate this one. Google bank is a concept we created back in 2017. We posted it on Behance and other platforms, and here’s a plot twist, it was released years later in the most recent Google Pay update in November 2020. What a coincidence :D

Our logic…

Sergey Krasotin

Design director and co-founder @ humbleteam.com

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