Launching Stories was a great business move for Instagram, right? But would this feature even exist if it wasn’t for Snapchat?

Regardless of the business niche you’re in, your competitors are constantly evolving, making it almost impossible to follow their every move.

But have you ever considered that others might be watching you?

If you’re a prominent startup operating in the UK, EU, or the US market, you can be sure that you’re being watched closely. Not just your business practices, but what you do with your interface as well.

Who’s in on this?

Large and small companies don’t necessarily have the opportunity to…

In a rapidly moving environment, teams have to come together at record speed to bring innovative projects to life. Managing a team that works on the intersection of industries isn’t always easy, but it’s something that Miro’s senior editor Anna has mastered. Here, she walks us through the pros, cons, and challenges of cross-functional teams.

What’s it called when there’s a room full of different people trying to get the job done, but it keeps falling apart? A dysfunctional team. What’s a multi-talented crowd that creates a professional synergy? A cross-functional team!

We sat down with Anna Savina, senior editor…

UX research is a way of figuring out how users really interact with a product.

Its defining feature is that it brings the end-user into the research process. This pretty much prevents the designers from constantly creating solutions for themselves.

As UX design is centered around the user, it’s essential that designers are always thinking about how people will use their product and how it’ll fit into their lives. We’ve already looked at the easy (and free!) way to run design tests (check it out here).

So today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the process of UX testing itself.

What is a user research interview?

In this article, we’re exploring how to create a brief that’s to the point, efficient, concise, and guarantees results.

When it comes to design tasks, the brief comes first and everything else follows. So basically, it has to be good. But as we all know, putting a brief together is a pain; creating one that works for the creative task, gets the result needed and won’t take ages to write can feel almost impossible. Luckily, there’s a pitch-perfect brief formula that’s guaranteed to get results.

In this article, I’ll give you the cheat code for creating a brief that will…

We asked Endel how they became the Apple Watch app of the year. Here’s what they said.

Behind every success story, there is always a crowd of people wondering, «how did they do it?». In this issue, we’d like to get to the bottom of it.

We’re sitting down with Slava Dubovitsky — lead developer of Endel, Apple Watch app of the year in 2020. Endel generates custom audio and video patterns based on users’ environment to promote focus, relaxation, or all-around positive energy.

The app made it big, but the road to success was bumpy — the team hit…

Ever wondered how to build a design team within your startup? Here’s our go-to structure for the pre-seed, seed, and round A/B/C startups.

All startups might be different, but their design process is usually pretty similar. Take a look at accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups, and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: design thinking.

This design process can be broken down into five stages:

  1. Empathize,
  2. Define,
  3. Ideate,
  4. Prototype,
  5. Test.

And to understand how the design team should look, we need to know what team can cover all the stages mentioned above.

  1. Empathize — understand…

In the age of ever-growing competition and rapid technology development, getting an idea from conception to market at lightning speed has never been so important. Cue plugins and automations — the tools and resources that have the potential to supercharge the design process.

At Humbleteam, we prioritize efficiency and always ensure the design team’s got the best tools and resources to produce the best results in record time.

Today we’re sharing our gems. I asked our top designers to go through their workflow and pick the most useful plugins and tools that allow the team to accelerate at cosmic speed…

What does it mean to work at Google? Discover how competition, recruitment, and mental health are approached inside one of the world’s most renowned companies.

We had a chance to sit down for a (virtual) chat with Larysa Aharkava, a team lead who’s been with Google for more than ten years. Larysa started in a junior position, and now she’s leading a tech team of seven people focused on internal data processing.

Google is possibly the best place to work globally and was voted the most attractive employer in multiple categories.

Voice UI is this year’s buzz. Why? Because text is not enough, video is too much, and audio hits the sweet spot.

We’ve heard about how voice interfaces are set to transform our daily lives for a while now. But for those of us who find themselves sceptical of Siri or annoyed with their Alexa, it’s kind of hard to believe.

What are the voice interfaces everyone’s talking about, and are they really worth the buzz?

While Gen Z might be ready to embrace voice commands, my generation is used to old-fashioned typing — a habit that will be hard to shift. But however cynical I’ve been in the past, it’s impossible to ignore the…

What does it take to build a perfect landing page?

At Humbleteam, we built all kinds of landing pages. We helped aspiring startups and partnered with scaled-up businesses that spend $100K on Facebook ads weekly. Based on successful examples, we developed a framework for universal landing design.

When you know how to approach the process, you’ll find it works with scientific accuracy. So let’s get you up to speed.

What “converting” actually means

What’s the difference between a landing page that converts and the one that doesn’t? Any landing page that generates profit, not just expenses, follows three simple criteria. See if you can tick all of them. …

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